Preparing your hair for your wedding day

I would recommend you start a hair care regime about six months prior to your wedding to get your hair looking its ultra glossy and in tip top condition.
Weekly treatments and regular good haircuts are a must. I can recommend for you a good quality range of products to start using as well as cut and style your hair on the run up to your big day. Remember even if you are growing your hair for hair up it can and should be maintained in a style. It’s worth investing in a good haircut.
Always have a consultation and decide on a style before buying your accessories such as tiara and veil etc.
Never shampoo and condition your hair before a trial unless instructed to, as hair up generally goes up better if it’s not too soft and silky!
Start thinking about colour - Whether it’s for 100% coverage or natural looking sun-kissed lights, consistency is important in the run up to your big day so start to prepare at least 6 months before. It may take more than one application to build up to your desired look.
Lastly don’t make drastic hair changes within the last 3-6 months leading up to your wedding.
If you are getting married - why not get in touch and book a free wedding hair consultation?